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Last year I came to a realization that I regularly track things like my finances, and where I spend my time and attention but when it comes to one of the most important things, my body and health I was completely in the dark. So I went down the rabbit hole of health tracking and longevity. Soon, I discovered Blueprint by Bryan Johnson. It’s an amazing project by Bryan Johnson that motivated me to create my own health tracking record and system to improve and sustain my health levels and longevity.

After 9 months of testing different tracking methods, and benchmarks, tweaking my sleep, workout, and diet habits, and collecting data on my own health progress I am sharing the HEALTH TRACK RECORD sheet publicly for anyone to use it.


The sheet is for females and males. The main difference is in the benchmarks and some biomarkers.

Male and female tabs are divided into 3 parts. Overview Tab — tracks yearly averages, Yearly Tab — tracks monthly progress, and Benchmarks Tab — stores all the benchmarks based on age.

Benchmarks are divided into 3 categories. Poor — Red, Average — Yellow, Excellent — Green. I’ve learned that it’s not enough to just track your own progress, it’s helpful to benchmark to see where I am excellent and where I need to focus more on improving.


The Yearly Tab is where I input the tracking results. I segmented the tracking into 4 categories — Vitals, Habits, Biomarkers, & Checkups. I track Vitals (Basics, Heart, Respiratory, Fitness) and Habits (Sleep, Activity, Nutrition) on a monthly bases. Biomarkers (blood and urine) and Checkups (doctor visits) on a yearly bases.


The idea of the health track record is that it’s done regularly (daily, monthly & annually) and hopefully doesn’t require time and energy to do it. With the help of the gadgets, I am only spending about 30min a month on the whole tracking thing. Most of the tracking is done automatically with the help of the following gadgets:

Apple Watch & Health App -> Activity, Max HR, VO2 Max, walking distance, & mindfulness.

Oura Ring -> Tracking total time asleep, sleep latency, sleep efficiency, sleep score, respiratory rate, resting heart rate, & HRV.

Qardio Smart Scale -> Measuring weight, muscle mass, body fat & bone mass.

H2OPal Smart Water Bottle -> Daily water intake.


At the end of the day, tracking is just one small part that tells you your state but it doesn’t change it. The fun part is when I started to explore and tweak my habits like sleep, fasting, diet, & workout. I am not an expert so I’m not going to share what I’ve been doing since I learned that everyone is unique and different things are optimal for different people. I suggest if interested to go on a journey of exploring and finding the optimal habits for yourself and have fun with it.


Hope this helps. I’d love to hear your feedback.



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